Reakktor may be a self-financed indie studio, but every team member brings at least a decade of experience in professional game development to the table, is passionate about what he (or she) does and dedicated to delivering a high quality game experience.

Founded in 1991 by Martin Schwiezer, the team developed over a dozen of PC and online games like e.g. Neocron (the world’s first cyberpunk MMORPG and also the first MMO to merge real-time FPS and RPG elements). Neocron 2 and the latest installment of the game (Neocron Evolution) still enjoy a dedicated and engaged player base. The game is now available for free and run by its community. Simply download the client and test out this modern classic today.

Some of the team’s products since 1991

  • TOXIKK, Windows PC
  • Black Prophecy, Windows PC
  • Neocron Evolution, Windows PC
  • Neocron 2, Windows PC
  • Neocron, Windows PC
  • Bermuda Syndrome, Windows PC
  • Rally Speedway, Windows PC
  • Subtrade, Commodore AMIGA, MS-DOS PC
  • Cyberzerk, Commodore AMIGA

  • Schwiezer System, Martin’s Game Producing Company
  • Neocron, Play it Now, for Free