After hiding in the dark for a little more than two years, we finally found a good reason to stick our heads back out into the light. All hail our new new project (drumsroll): TOXIKK (taddaaaa!). This little gem is where all (well…, almost all) our love and passion went for the past 24 months and its announcement deserves an own blog entry. While THIS entry is dedicated to the shameless self-celebration of our reinkkarnation!

Geez, that was one s**tload of work: Getting TOXIKK into a presentable state on a tight schedule, re-designing the Reakktor website and creating TOXIKK.com from the scratch. Today, it’s finally done, but sadly, there’s not much time to do the reinkkarnation dance. Both sites, TOXIKK.com and REAKKTOR.com, go live today with the release of the TOXIKK debut trailer …and we’re more than excited to see what you guys think about it. Let us know on our Facebook page, in the TOXIKK forums or drop us a line through our contact page. Cheers everybody!

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