One Year in Early Access

One year in EARLY ACCESS BETA so far. Time surely slips away fast in the games industry. Especially when you’re finalizing a project. With TOXIKK in EA for exactly one year today, we adjusted our schedules for 2016 a bit. We plan to have the game fully feature complete before the end of Q1 and then decide a good release date based on the community feedback.

At this point, TOXIKK’s Early Access beta runs pretty solid with only minor glitches, the SDKK is out, Steam Workshop support was implemented… All looks pretty good so far and we’ll focus our efforts on finalizing the remaining features, add two more maps and weapon balancing. We’re still looking at Q1 for the release, but it’ll probably be more safe to place your bets on Q2/2016.

You can check all the details about the current roadmap status on the forum of TOXIKK’s project homepage (LINK). Also, keep an eye on, as it gets a lot more updates and news than our studio homepage.

There are also many other exciting things going on behind the scenes that we’ll talk about as soon as some NDAs are lifted. So stay tuned… things don’t get boring here. ^^

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