STEAM (Early Access) Release Date

After going through a couple of heavy testing sessions, we now defined the final release date for the beta: TOXIKK will hit Steam’s Early Access program on January, 22. We had to expand our original beta release estimation (Q4/2014) by three weeks, as the final alpha stage revealed some hard to replicate network issues and some UI problems that require a bit more attention, than what we could have achieved, before this month is over. And also…, there’s Xmas

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We finally got TOXIKK to a point, where we feel comfortable with showing some alpha gameplay in action. It’s pretty much just a three minutes long collection of random in-game captures from a couple of play sessions (both against bots and also live multi-player sessions), but it nicely demonstrates most of the weapons, the movement model and the look of the maps. It is also meant to clarify the difference between Classic Maps (smaller maps, no vehicles) and Massive Maps (bigger maps featuring vehicular warfare).

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A couple of years ago if there was one thing we enjoyed almost as much as working on our own projects, it was playing arena FPS games in the evenings. But with only a few new releases in over half a decade, the entire genre didn’t exactly prosper since then. So, we started playing a lot of today’s established FPS games instead, but no matter how hard we tried, we never had as much fun with them as we had with our beloved, old-school arena shooters.

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