After more than three years of work (and 20 months in Early Access), our Arena FPS “TOXIKK” got fully released on September 10. We also put up a Free Edition of the game which allows everyone to check out the game for free! For all the info about the game and its launch you should hop over to

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One Year in Early Access

One year in EARLY ACCESS BETA so far. Time surely slips away fast in the games industry. Especially when you’re finalizing a project. With TOXIKK in EA for exactly one year today, we adjusted our schedules for 2016 a bit. We plan to have the game fully feature complete before the end of Q1 and then decide a good release date based on the community feedback.

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TOXIKK is Now Live on Early Access

It was a hell of a ride to polish everything up for our public debut, but it’s finally done: The TOXIKK Early Access Beta is live on STEAM! We also put a 10% release discount on it, so if you are looking for a nice, old-school inspired Arena-FPS, look no more…

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