August 2014


A couple of years ago if there was one thing we enjoyed almost as much as working on our own projects, it was playing arena FPS games in the evenings. But with only a few new releases in over half a decade, the entire genre didn’t exactly prosper since then. So, we started playing a lot of today’s established FPS games instead, but no matter how hard we tried, we never had as much fun with them as we had with our beloved, old-school arena shooters.

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After hiding in the dark for a little more than two years, we finally found a good reason to stick our heads back out into the light. All hail our new new project (drumsroll): TOXIKK (taddaaaa!). This little gem is where all (well…, almost all) our love and passion went for the past 24 months and its announcement deserves an own blog entry. While THIS entry is dedicated to the shameless self-celebration of our reinkkarnation!

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